Bentonite Cat Litter (Rose)

POWER SAND Bentonite is a cat litter for the eco-conscious, as it is 100% organic and helps to neutralize any foul odour, leaving your pet (and you!) feeling more comfortable. High absorbency and fast-clumping properties makes it easy to clean up after use. Bentonite clay is non-toxic and antibacterial which equates to a high level of cleanliness, making it safe for your pet.

The Rose scent gives off a floral aroma that’s pleasant and comforting.

Net weight : 5L / 10L

  • 100% Organic natural produced
  • 99.6% dust-free and low tracking
  • Highly absorbent and fast clumping action
  • Antibacterial and non-toxic
  • Eliminates urine and fecal odours

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Direction to Use
  • Pour the litter evenly (approximately around 2.3 cm thick) into a cat litter box 
  • Scoop the litter clumps on a daily basis
  • Refill the litter regularly for hygienic purposes
  • It is recommended to replace with new cat litter once a month

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