TOFU Cat Litter (Original)

POWER SAND TOFU Cat Litter is produced using 100% organic bean sediment and pure natural plant fibers. It has little to no dust, high water absorption and fast-clumping properties. Tofu cat litter is also water-soluble, meaning it can be thrown directly into the toilet after use and won’t clog the toilet. On top of that, its excellent deodorizing capabilities ensures that the area  surrounding the litter box remains fresh and odourless.

The Original scent gives off a hint of milky soy.

Net weight : 8L

  • 100% organic
  • No dust
  • Fast-clumping action
  • Odour-control deodorizer
  • Environmentally-friendly and easy to dispose
  • Professionally manufactured in a high-grade factory

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Direction to Use
  • Pour the litter evenly (approximately around 2.3 cm thick) into a cat litter box 
  • Scoop the litter clumps on a daily basis
  • Refill the litter regularly for hygienic purposes
  • With water-soluble technology, the clumps will dissolve easily in water when poured into the toilet
  • It is recommended to replace with new cat litter once a month
  • High temperature-treated bean residue
  • Starch
  • Citric acid
  • Calcium carbonate

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